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32AGS -Auto recovery Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

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32AGS (Auto recovery Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

The Automatic recovery Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker has an intelligent automatic recovery scheme. The automatic recovery scheme employs monitoring load side actual leakage current in real time through a detection circuit and determining the abnormality and the breakage reasons on braking to execute the automatic recovery, not a scheme of the time invariant type or a voltage application type using a battery.

Auto repairs the circuit breaker


01.Turn off automatically after a short circuit at short return trip

  • Only when the load short-circuit protection earth (ground) voltage through the "short-circuit monitoring removal"

Leakage Trip does not put the load side to actual load The self-reversal leakage current off automatically after a short recovery To perform cutting-edge technology to develop All existing auto repair and complete the circuit breaker differentiation Declaration.

November 2008 revised safety standards for Technology and Standards

  • Patent - No. 10-0782300 Korea  (earth leakage protection only when the load current  -(leakage current) to detect short-circuit protection device
  • International Patent -PCT/KR2008/00057 (Blocker The only source of patent pending)

02.Automatically return to the circuit breaker - in the existing structure of reality

  • Breakers to minimize structural changes and the appearance of the Standardized(Domestic auto repair miniature circuit breaker)

In general the structure of the circuit breaker be used with minimal changes in With the addition of auto repair equipment operation and safety of the product increases the reliability of

  • Patent - No. 10-0718530 Korea(short-circuit protection device equipped with means for automatic return)
  • International Patent -PCT/KR2007/001967

03.Grounding and Surge / circuit protection devices, integrated

  • Grounding
    Attachment Ground Transportation functions.

  • Surge / circuit protection devices, integrated
    Associated with ground  at the bottom built-in safeguards to
    Existing leakage circuit breaker and the surge could not be functioning
    Added protection, cause a simple impulse noise and light malfunction minimize blocking
    Surge (15KVA) to withstand the internal design.

04.Operating display

  • green light - normal operation
  • flashing green - manual block
  • red light - short-circuit

05.Safety improvements

  • Internal fuse (fuse built-in semi-permanent)
    Add to the fuse circuits, circuits ensure reliability.
  • blocking terminal zero volts (0 V) realized
    Automatic recovery of the circuit breaker was a common phenomenon after blocking load side Fine resolution voltage-sensing phenomena, load side secure safety

06.Auto / manual selection

07.Products liability insurance

  • Hanwha Non-Life Insurance
    300 million won compensation limit (No.20081862051000)


32 AGS Specification

Basic  Specifications

Acquired standard

EK certificate

obtained June 12, 2009

Rated Current (A)



Number of poles and elements

2P 2E


Number of usable phase wire



Protecting function

Lightning/Overload/Short circuit/Electric shock/mpulse non-tripping


Rated voltage(V  AC)



Rated sensitive current



Rated non-tripping current



Operating time(sec)

Within 0.03sec


Earth leakage tripping scheme

Electronic type, current operating type


Product size

W*H*D = 40*84*70(mm)


Rated breaking capacity



Special Specifications

Leakage detecting device

Detection of leakage relieve

Patent registration/PCT application

Automatic recovery device

When Breaking by lightning, noise, etc. – Automatic recovery

Patent registration/PCT application

When Breaking by leakage  -  Automatic recovery after leakage

When Breaking by short circuit and overload – No recovery

Breaking reason display


Green LED lighting


Green LED flickering


Red LED flickering


Circuit portection/protection from lightning

Built-in fuse and surge circuit

Maximum  :  10kA

Ground terminals

removable terminal


Channel attached

Teaser improve joint working


Field Applications - panel of street lights

street light 01 street light 02 street light 03 

Field Applications - traffic signal controller

traffic signal controller
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